HP Lefthand Network Raid Levels Helpful Chart

Here’s a really nice chart that I ran across in the online release notes of SAN/iQ v8.5, which will help explain the differences between all of the SAN/iQ Network Raid levels, especially since there were some name changes to the levels between 8.1 and 8.5.

Notice the big difference between the Raid 10 levels and the Raid 5 & Raid 6 levels are Raid 5 & 6 are stripes with parity based, while all of the Raid-10 levels are stripes with mirror based.

Hope it helps and any questions, feel free to post a comment! ;-)

HP Lefthand Networks – SAN/iQ 8.5 New Download Location for Patch Upgrading Previous Versions

I found this “patch” link while actually looking for something else. Here’s a “patch” file which will perform the upgrade to SAN/iQ version 8.5 on your HP Lefthand nodes from previous versions of SAN/iQ, starting at SAN/iQ v7.00.


This should save you the “rig-a-ma-roll” of trying to download the upgrade file through the HP website..

Also of note, here’s our other post related to getting SAN/iQ 8.5:

HP Lefthand SAN/iQ 8.5 – Network RAID 5 doesn’t appear or show in CMC after Upgrade

When performing an upgrade to SAN/iQ v8.5, I noticed that the management group version wasn’t being updated to 8.5 and was still at 8.0 even after upgrading all nodes in the management group. I also noticed that the Network RAID 5 feature wasn’t showing up in the list for the volumes (either on new volumes or editing existing volumes).

The reason behind this was because the management group was in a remote IP copy relationship with another “DR” management group, which was not upgraded to 8.5 yet. Once I upgraded the nodes on the DR management group, everything upgraded like it should and the new Network RAID options were available.

Note: This behaviour is shown in the upgrade guide too, page 12:
• When upgrading from version 7.x to release 8.5, the management group version will not move
to release 8.5 until all storage nodes in the management group (and in the remote management
group if a Remote Copy relationship exists) are upgraded to release 8.5 SAN/iQ.

• When upgrading from version 7.x to release 8.5, the upgrade process validates the hardware
identity of all of the storage nodes in the management group. If this validation fails for any reason,
the management group version will not be upgraded to 8.5. For example, if a management group
has a mix of platforms, some of which are unsupported by a software release; then only the supported
platforms get upgraded successfully, the management group version will not be upgraded
if the unsupported platforms remain in that management group.

Release: HP Lefthand SAN/iQ 8.5, Download Location and Info

As of the 29th of March, SAN/iQ 8.5 is available for download – here are the details (from HP)

SANIQ version 8.5 allows customers to:

1 Reclaim additional capacity with network RAID 5 and 6 (up to 50% additional capacity utilization)
2 Simplify business continuity with application integrated snaps for scheduled local and remote sites
3 Analyze their existing configuration to ensure adherence to industry best practices
4 Support external FC/iSCSI/SAS via VSA, allowing customers to repurpose 3rd party storage

For more information on how to download and upgrade:

To download our SAN/iQ 8.5 software go to:


To download full SAN/iQ release upgrades go to:


Click on “Software Update Manager (SUM)”
Click on “Download Updates”
Registration on ITRC and linking a support agreement to a user ID is required to access full upgrades

**An update to this: SAN/iQ update files (for upgrading 8.1 to 8.5) are available here:
** Well, I thought this was too good while it lasted. This link no longer works. It looks like you’ll have to use the ITRC link above in order to get the software. If this changes, we’ll let you know!**

Update 5-28-10: Check out this post where you can get a patch file that performs the upgrade, right off the HP site in the post:

Thanks to vstorage.wordpress.com for the direct download link and info on this post! They also have a great post on the new features, here:

The Lewan LPS team will hope to be doing some performance testing with the new Network Raid 5 feature here in the near future! Stay tuned!

HP Lefthand Storageworks Useful Info and Websites

Contacting HP Lefthand Support:

We’ve posted the best way to contact HP Lefthand over on our Vendor Contact Cheat Sheet, located here:
– Just look under “HP Lefthand”.

Useful HP Lefthand Websites & Info:

HP Lefthand Overview, Design and Sizing Video:

HTTP Site to download 30-day evaluation VSA

VSA Install – Video Demonstration

More HP P4000 documents

Two different sites:

Manuals (bunch of really good stuff and some old outdated stuff):

Resource Library

Software and Code Location
See our other blog post, located here:

Latest (as of this post) HP Firmware Maintenance Update CD (v8.70):
*Please doublecheck with HP Lefthand Support to make sure the latest version of the Firmware Maintenance CD is supported on your exact units.*