What’s New in Symantec NetBackup 7

Netbackup 7 is now available for all customers under Support/Maintenance. This lesson will show some useful information on What’s New in NetBackup 7, as presented by the Symantec webinar on February 2nd, 2010. The notes presented under each slide were notes from the webinar presentation including questions and answers from that presentation.

Presented by Symantec, Posted by Lewan & Associates!


NetBackup 7.0 GA code is also now available on FileConnect.

Reminder: The FA and GA bits are exactly the same.

Upgrade Portal http://entsupport.symantec.com/docs/332137
7.0 Compatibility Lists http://entsupport.symantec.com/docs/303344
7.0 Documentation Links http://entsupport.symantec.com/docs/341274
7.0 Download Information http://entsupport.symantec.com/docs/341272
7.0 Late Breaking News http://entsupport.symantec.com/docs/341271

I encourage you to read “Top Seven Reasons to Move to Symantec NetBackup™ 7”

NetBackup 7 Main Areas





Puredisk technology now built into Media Server. Can point disk to commodity disk, this is the dedup target.
Client level dedup, built into the Netbackup 7 client. Push out upgrade to clients in order to use.
For customers that use Puredisk already, NBU 7 still works with it through backwards compatibility.
You can dedupe in NBU 7 and also send it to a PureDisk storage pool if that’s needed.
Newer limits, new limit of 32TB of deduplicated data behind each media server (Puredisk pools was 16TB).
Cost for deduplication is an additional license, licensed per front-end capacity (how much data are you protecting).


Virtual Machine Protection


Improved recovery process through guided VM recovery. Recover single file from block level backup. No need to stage data for recovery. Integration with vStorage API allows NBU to identify unused blocks, allows to store ~30% less data (option that needs to be enabled on backup).

Virtual Machine Backups


When using the vStorage API, no Backup Proxy server needed. Can perform block level incremental backup of VM’s, while enabling file level restores.
vStorage API can also backup previous versions of ESX 3.5, without proxy server.

Virtual Machine Restores & Recovery


Can recover entire VM from "Friday" with 1 step. Don’t need to rebuild each incremental in order to restore.

Optimized Replication


Example of Storage Lifecycle Policy. Copying data (duplicating or replicating) with different retention times. Can also use an OST aware device to store and replicate data.

NetBackup RealTime


Application consistant recovery point, from multiple locations. New features in NBU 7.
Customers can also use NBU RealTime to protect/replicate only the NetBackup Catalog to another location for no charge.

NetBackup OpsCenter


Optional software that is a replacement for Veritas Backup Reporter (VBR) and Netbackup Operations Manager (NOM).
No additional charge for OpsCenter. Included with NetBackup code.
There is a licensed option for advanced analytics, business reporting, 3rd party backup application reporting but the licensed feature is optional.

OpsCenter and OpsCenter Analytics Comparison


Additional Enhancements


Simplified licensing for virtual environments, per physical host, no longer cares about O/S on that host.
Terabyte based licensing now also includes clients. Licensed per Front-end data, doesn’t matter how many media servers, tape devices, clients, etc.

Top 7 Reasons to Upgrade


NetBackup 7 is built on NetBackup 6.5.4 code base.
First Availability program had over 600 customers and partners. Lewan was one of these.

Lewan & Associates – Certified Symantec Platinum Partner!


Please post any questions that you might have regarding NetBackup 7 on this thread! We’ll do our best to answer them or find an answer for you!
If you’re interested in viewing a NetBackup 7 demo or would like to discuss your plans on moving to NetBackup 7 with our Professional Services Team, please contact your Lewan IT Solutions Sales Representative!

One thought on “What’s New in Symantec NetBackup 7

  1. Hi,

    We are using version 7.0 and we stop DFS before running the backups on 2003 server R2.

    The issue is, after the backup when we start the replication services there is a huge replication backlog, though the servers were in sync before running the backup job.

    Please can you help me to understand why is it happening?
    Does the backup process changes any file property?


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