Easy FTP Links to HP Lefthand Networks Software and Code

Here are some easy links and FTP information to use when you need code for your HP Lefthand Networks modules. The code is available on the HP Lefthand Networks website but since it’s difficult to manage sometimes, I thought this info might be useful in a central concise location. Enjoy!

SAN/iQ 6.6 and Earlier
FTP System:         hprc.external.hp.com  (
     Login:              anonymous
     Password:           your_email@address.com


SAN/iQ 7.0 SP1
FTP System:         hprc.external.hp.com  (
     Login:              saniq7_1
     Password:           SANIQ7_1   (NOTE:  CASE-sensitive)


SAN/iQ 8.0
     FTP System:         hprc.external.hp.com  (
     Login:              saniq8_0
     Password:           SANIQ8_0   (NOTE:  CASE-sensitive)


SAN/iQ 8.1
     FTP System:         hprc.external.hp.com  (
     Login:              saniq8_1
     Password:           SANIQ8_1   (NOTE:  CASE-sensitive)


SAN/iQ 8.5
** Well, I thought this was too good while it lasted. The link for 8.5 no longer works. It looks like you’ll have to use the ITRC link in order to get the software. If this changes, we’ll let you know!**

     FTP System:         ftp.usa.hp.com  
     Login:         saniq85
     Password:           SAN85eap   (NOTE:  CASE-sensitive)


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