DR in a Box

I read about this on Mike Dipetrillo’s blog. I thought it was a great post.

Ever want to setup DR but don’t have a SAN? Well, there’s several ways you can do that. The newest one is to use the EMC Celera Virtual Storage Appliance (VSA). Chad Sakac over at Virtual Geek just published the very thorough (and long) guide on how to set this up. Don’t want to use EMC for some reason? NetApp and LeftHand (now HP) have guides of their own. For NetApp go here. For LeftHand go here.

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I have over 16+ years of experience helping small to enterprise businesses nationwide design and then implement enterprise storage, backup and recovery, disaster recovery and system virtualization solutions including private cloud, public cloud and hybrid cloud infrastructures. I hold numerous storage and virtualization certifications. I have supported 18-25 sales reps at any one time as a presales engineer, involved in all stages of the sales cycle. I have consistently been a top producer in all of my roles. I have personally delivered over 300+ complex enterprise solution implementations from multiple vendors (including VMware, EMC, Dell, Symantec and HP). I am an expert in solution design and architecture and have designed over 250+ complex solutions for customers of all sizes (SMB to Fortune 100).

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